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Precious and Primitive

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Why would you buy a precious and primitive scarf? …Love.

Love for a daughter who you want only the best for because it feels like luxury but reminds her of a long ago blanket.

Love for a friend who cherishes a meaningful gift and believes in the symbolic powers of a dragonfly.

Love for a daughter-in-law who you’re never sure what to get but you know she loves red and you admire her style.

Love for yourself because you feel and look great at all times day and night, home or travel.

We love our scarves. Each design is created by artists who love each stage of the process from the beginning watercolors to the wrapping it up for our fans.

Every detail has been thought out so you can wrap yourself in love.

Chicago Office - 95 Westover Rd Highwood Ill 60040 - (312) 848-9395
Hawaii Office - PO Box 902 Kihei, Hawaii, 96753 - (808) 298-1600