The perfect combo. A girl, her dog and a scarf. - Precious and Primitive

The perfect combo. A girl, her dog and a scarf.

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Can’t keep a girl from a great new outfit!  Nicola Marleen of Morning Elegance pairs our dogs scarf with a gorgeous brown suede jacket. Her auburn hair harmonizes with our golden dogs creating a beautiful natural look. The perfect outfit for walking Nicola’s beloved Theo.
When we created this scarf we thought about all the dog lover’s out there!  We wanted to play with all the sizes and shapes in the doggie kingdom.  Set in a snowflake pattern this celebration of dogs has a warm palette of golds floating on a range of soft blues reminiscent of your favorite old blue jeans.
 dog scarf, luxury scarf, dog lover, style blogger, scarf, scarves

It was very touching when we received Nicola’s email saying she loves the soft feel and the design and that she wears her dogs scarf by Precious & Primitive nearly everyday. Thank you for your love Nicola!

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