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Stephanie Sachs

Stephanie Sachs

Combining precious fabrics with primitive designs, an artist from Maui and a jewelry designer from Chicago create an exclusive line of scarves.

The meeting was pure happenstance, and in an instant their chemistry was apparent. Each complemented the other and both were looking to create in textiles.

Stephanie Sachs, a well-known Maui artist with collectors around the world, uses bold colors and deep space in her contemporary abstract oil paintings.  www.stephaniesachs.com

Sandee Zahn, an international designer of jewelry, finds her inspiration in the
contrast between precious and primitive, reflecting the dichotomy and duality that
exists in us all. www.shoshannalee.com

Now in their third year together their varied points of view complement each other and together they create artistic and unique designs inspired by the universal spirit inside the precious and the primitive.

Chicago Office - 95 Westover Rd Highwood Ill 60040 - (312) 848-9395
Hawaii Office - PO Box 902 Kihei, Hawaii, 96753 - (808) 298-1600