Mother Daughter Fashion Story Winner - Precious and Primitive

Mother Daughter Fashion Story Winner

Sonia and Ines

Sonia and her Mother Inez, with her bold red lip stick and a sense of style that says confident!

For as long as I can remember my mothers’ sense of fashion had always evoked an air of other worldly  confidence, something one could not quite put their finger on, but you knew that she was a force to be reckoned with. A woman of genuine substance.

My mother created a classic yet unique look that was all her own. Her ensemble could vary from flowing kaftan dresses with dramatic prints to crisp white linen blouses paired with tuxedo pants. Always sharp, always chic, and always unique. Regardless of the various looks she achieved, one thing never varied: Bold red lips and nails. My mothers trademark.  In bathing attire, while poolside, or practically rolling out of bed in pajamas, she always managed to have lips and nail perfectly painted red.

As any daughter would tell you, during ones formative years, girls tend to veer away from their mothers influence trying to find their own style, which usually opposes anything that resembles their mother. I was certainty such a teen. I experimented with the “I’m dying my hair black” goth look, the “I only wear vintage fashion” look and everything in between. However, I would not touch a red lipstick or red nail polish with a ten foot pole. That of course was completely off limits as I would refuse to turn into my mother.

Sonia 1

Sonia, embracing her new red lips and her own sense of confident style!

As the years have progressed, I’ve shed the stereotypical looks of my younger days and allowed my style to evolve reflecting my growth and evolution as a woman.

Several weeks ago, in the spirit of evolution, change, and life altering experiences, I moved from my hometown to New York City. During that first week in Manhattan sitting in a nail salon getting a manicure, I absentmindedly opted for the red polish. That same week I bought a tube of MAC Russian red lipstick, a classic.

Days later, applying my makeup in a mirror, my perfectly polished red finger nails griped a tube of red lip stick. I saw my mother. A woman of other worldly confidence. A force to be reckoned with, a woman of genuine substance. Except I was looking at myself.

Lucky are we who one day look in the mirror and see the we did indeed turn into our mother.

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