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Mother Daughter Fashion Stories from our Designers.
Join our Mother’s Day Giveaway Contest.

Our artist/designer Stephanie with her mom.

Our artist/designer Stephanie with her mom.

When I was 39, I called my parents to let them know I was engaged… my mother’s response was is everything alright with you?

It made sense that she would ask this question because of the decisions I made in my life so far; my mother was forced to adjust her expectations of me ever since I left college.  By the time I was in my late 30’s, I was an artist, living half way around the world in Maui in a shed and in a bus; I did not have children and although she knew I was happy, it was nothing she had wished for me.
So at 39, my mother had no hope of me ever marrying my “boyfriend” of 10 years. Now I wanted to get married and I wanted to have a traditional wedding…with a wedding dress. Bob and I were getting married on the beach so I didn’t want a long wedding gown.
Our artist Stephanie at her wedding in a dress her mother knit for her.

Our artist Stephanie at her wedding in a dress her mother knit for her.

I was at my parent’s home one evening before my wedding; my mother was watching TV and knitting, which is what she did before bed; I saw a dress on the cover of her knitting magazine and told her, “I liked it”; the lightbulb went off and she said, “I can knit this dress for you in white for your wedding dress!”

The next day we were at the knitting store where they measured my mother’s stitches per inch and took my measurements to create directions specially to fit my body.

Fast forward a few months later, my parents arrived on Maui with my beautiful wedding dress but my mom felt it did not have enough zing.  So, off she went to Ben Franklin to buy Swarovski Crystals to sew on to the top.  I believe she bought 100.  The next day she says that they only covered 25% of what she wanted and went back and bought all the rest they had!

It was truly a beautiful and memorable wedding.  Our closest friends and family came from all over the world. We have many memories… and one memory most special to me, was my special wedding dress my mom created just for me!
–Stephanie Sachs
Our designer Sandee Zahn with her mother.

Our designer Sandee Zahn with her mother.

Last year my family had a rare event happen,  five generations of women were able to come together and celebrate the new lives of our youngest, my newly born twin nieces. This event was extra special because what we didn’t know is it would be the last time this would happen.

Last November, my beloved mother passed; making this upcoming Mother’s Day an equally special and a hard one… remembering precious moments, celebrating her life well lived.
My mother, who I love deeply and respected, inspired me creatively by her impeccable fashion sensibilities. She supported me in my creative endeavors, both in my jewelry and my scarf designs. 
My mother’s passing has been rough for me, but it has made me realize that the cycle of life is a beautiful thing. My mother was my best friend, as is my own daughter, and I can’t wait to share this consciousness with future generations of our family…. The precious and primitive moments of life are what make life worth living, and that is why Mother’s Day is so special this year, and every year…
Thank you Mom for supporting me in life and my creative process. — Sandee Zahn
sandees family

Our designer Sandee with her mother and five generations of family women.


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