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Finding the Right Colors for your Skin Tone

Do you ever wonder what colors look best on you?  We asked some of our favorite style stars to tell us how they choose their favorite fashion colors.  Here are tips to find what looks good on you.

Jyotsana of Cuppajoy

Jyotsna of Cuppajyo looks great in a warm white with a pop of aqua.

With her rich darker toned skin, Jyotsna of Cuppajyo shines in a bright colors. She loves aqua, coral and royal blue. When wearing white, she finds a warm ivory works better with her hair color than a stark bright white. She goes for a pop of color in her accessories to complete her look.

Jyotsna recommends everyone do an undertone test to see what colors work best for them. To determine your undertone look at your wrists, more specifically, your veins. Find some natural light and take a peek. Do your veins look slightly green? If so, you’re warm. If your veins have more of a blue tint or even a hint of purple, your undertones are cool.

Jytosana of Cuppajoy in Aqua Scarf

Jyotsna of Cuppajyo in Precious and Primitive Aqua Palm Tree Scarf.

Cool-toned people can pull off white and bright. Ruby, sapphire and aquatic blues work well. Their metal colors are silver and white gold.

Warm-toned people look great in coffee, caramel, beige, tomato red, and green.  Also, colors like olive, moss or jade enhance your beauty. In terms of metal gold, bronze or copper work best.

The sisters of We The Birds have similar blonde coloring and both stock their wardrobe with a variety of neutral colored clothes.  This creates a blank canvas to add colorful accessories.

Sarah of We the Birds in Leopard Print Scarf

Sarah of We the Birds in Precious and Primitive Turquoise Leopard Print Scarf

Natalie of We the Birds in Dragonfly Scarf

Natalie of We The Birds in our softer colored Dragonfly Scarf with a pop of red lipstick.

Sarah hair color is always changing so the blacks, whites and neutral clothes never compete.  She loves cool color accessories, blues, greens and purples because they accentuate her blue eyes. Natalie loves grey clothes and then uses deep red lipstick for a pop of color.

Still not sure what colors to wear?  Bright red, pale pink, eggplant and teal go with all skin tones.

All three of our fashion bloggers agree…Look in the mirror and find your comfort zone.  Then don’t be afraid to experiment and break the rules.  It is all about confidence!

To see more of our style stars looks check out their websites.  Jyotsna of Cuppajyo and Sarah and Natalie of We the Birds.



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