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The Ombre Effect

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The ombré effect … delicate gradations of color… Lill Christin Moen exemplifies this so beautifully. Her favorite color is pastels in blue, that is why she says she is attracted to the beetle scarf by Precious & Primitive. She says, it makes her feel true to herself, wrapped in soft sublime fabric!

As an artist of make-up and fashion, Lill says this scarf spoke to her instincts… delicate and beautiful by itself, so her intention was to make her outfit simple, so the scarf could be the centerpiece; the eye-makeup natural, and the lips a little dramatic to finish her delicate but sophisticated look.

Fashion Blogger Lill in Beetle Scarf

Lill says, scarves are an accessory that will spice up any outfit!

Well put! Lill says, “If your outfit is colorful, wear a simple scarf, it will add detail to your personal look! And, if your outfit is plain, wear a colorful scarf, it will finish your look with design and personality! There are so many ways to wear a scarf; you can choose if you want the scarf to be your centerpiece; but a scarf will always give you a personal touch that is uniquely yours!”

This world traveler, born in Norway, loves to explore new places. One of her absolute favorite places is Istanbul, Turkey. She says she loves everything about Istanbul, especially the food and the architecture. This is an ancient city of marvels, as is the beetle ancient, revered by many cultures. Perhaps, another choice for the beetle scarf!

Join Lill in her journey of travel, fashion and make-up at Lilumoen.
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