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how to tie a scarf, scarf, scarves, fashion blogger, style starWe were attracted to Monika of Kohler Charles immediately.  Her striking good looks and her sophisticated style makes her blog and Instagram feed stand out in the crowd.  Just like the Basketweave Scarf in Pink that she showcases here.

Monika’s love for scarves is no secret so it made us proud that she was overjoyed to unwrap one of our scarves and fall in love. This scarf reflects her current style: a bit understated with a pop of colour!

In case you are a little lost with what to do with the long and wide piece of fabric, continue reading for some inspiration:


Simply drape the blanket scarf to firstly show off the beautiful piece and secondly create and effortless look.


scarf, how to tie a scarf, scarves, pink scarf, fashion blogger, style


Gather the scarf once around your neck and let the ends hang. Wearing scarves this way elongates your body and creates an illusion of a slimmer silhouette. This especially looks great under blazers and slim jackets.

how to tie a scarf, scarf, scarves, fashion blogger, style star, pink scarf


Double up your scarf and put one of the two ends through the loop. It creates and interesting gathering and in this case shows of the different colour tones of this scarf.

how to tie a scarf, scarf, scarves, pink scarf, fashionblogger

scarf, how to tie a scarf, how to style a scarf, pink scarf

Want to see more of Monika?  Follow her on Instagram @mon_mode and at the Kohler Charles website, where she shares the stage with her stylish husband.

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